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logo for hospital

Logo for Hospital

Wayne Memorial Hospital wanted to retain their teal and violet color palette to dovetail into a new visual identity. I played with the W and M shapes, which stacked nicely, and were simplified as diamonds. The new icon perfectly depicts an award-winning standard of care.

logo for gifted education

Logo for Gifted Education

Gifted thinkers have the ability to see things in unusual ways. This logo depicts a brilliant idea hovering "outside of the box". The colors were chosen to appeal to the middle school demographic, whom they serve. The program was named enGAGE! in the design process.

Logo for Anniversary

Logo for Anniversary

As a premier recycling equipment company, REI wanted to emphasize the longevity in the industry, as they approached their 25th year. The slick appearance of the logo implies well-made machinery, while the arrow gives a nod to the recycling and implies forward movement.

logo for hospice

Logo for Hospice

Hope, dignity, and love are represented by the three green leaves at the top of the logo. A warm heart-shaped peach with soft colors layered at the edges symbolizes comfort, the ethereal quality of this hospice care.

logo for a church

Logo for a Church

Epworth United Methodist Church was looking for an image that combined their kind and caring nature with their deep faith. They needed a logo that would work for embroidered polos, signage, and the weekly bulletin.

logo for propane supplier

Logo for Propane Supplier

Harper Industries is a family-owned propane supplier that needed a strong brand identity. Propane is not only classified as a liquid, but also as a gas. The client wanted to incorporate this concept into a clear and concise graphic.