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remove the background

Remove the Background

The background was detracting from the impact of the machine. With the background removed, the product is front and center.

replace the bacground

Replace the Background

The people were awesome, but the background was lackluster. Carefully adding a festive background enhanced the feeling of joy.

enhance the site plan map

Enhance the Site Plan Map

An attractive and accurate site plan map was created from the black and white copy to market shopping center spaces to potential businesses.

recreate logo as vector art

Recreate Logo as Vector Art

The original logo was drawn many years ago and later scanned at a low resolution. I redrew the golfer, recreated the logo and archived the art.

clean up location map

Clean up Location Map

The original page of directions had been copied until it was blurry. I recreated the map for a clear and professional first impression.

create interactive forms as pdfs

Create Interactive Forms as pdfs

Repetitive tasks can be eliminated by creating an interactive pdf to be filled out and saved on the computer, rather than printed and scanned.