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Artworks combines custom design with the ability to edit "too much information" into a concise and effective web site which is professional, streamlined, and unique.

  • The first step is a consultation to clarify your goals to discuss a direction for your web site.
  • An estimate is provided to keep on target and on budget.
  • The on line review process allow you to approve the design and navigation of your site as it comes to life.

Price: Web design is billed at a rate of $75 per hour. A five page custom web site with unique graphics will cost $1000-1500. The complexity of the design project, the number of pages and features will determine the price. Shopping capabilities are additional. Hosting and domain names are available.


Three things you need for a website:

  • An effective web design
  • An easy to type domain name-
  • A hosting plan

Artworks can design your website, secure your domain name and host your website or we can just do the design, if you already have a hosting plan and a domain name.

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